Introducing UCRM

Ubiquiti’s Complete WISP Management Platform

UCRM is a streamlined billing and customer management system with credit card processing, recurring invoicing, and automated features such as suspension and CPE outage detection. Try the online demo or download it for free.

Customer Database

View Client Dashboard Including: Subscribed Services, Account Balances, Mapped Location, Activity logs, History of Client Notes, Documents and more.

When a problem occurs, you may easily look up the client profile to quickly identify the cause. You can see if the account is suspended due to an overdue invoice, CPE has an outage or there is high latency, etc.

Billing / Automatic Payments

  • Generate client service invoices automatically with customizable options.
  • Download or batch print all your invoices.
  • Integrated mailing feature.
  • Credit card processing included.
  • Fully configurable billing periods, tax / VAT settings, tax inclusive or exclusive pricing, etc.
  • Integrated payment gateways which enable your clients to create subscriptions easily. Including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net.

Automatic Suspend / Walled Garden

  • Set up rules to automatically suspend service due to late payment.
  • Customizable overdue payment notice.
  • Walled-garden for suspended clients with automatic late fees.

Network Monitoring / Traffic Shaping

  • Automatic alerts as soon as a device outage is detected.
  • Overview of client’s CPE latest latency, packet loss, etc.
  • Data usage monitoring.
  • Automated shaping according to client’s service plan.
  • You can shape on CPE devices or on any router.

Scheduling & Ticketing

  • Create a job, assign it to an administrator, monitor the job queue and whole job life-cycle.
  • All jobs can be exported and linked to your own calendar or managed by UCRM API.
  • Tickets can be created based on the client's requests automatically or manually.
  • Keep history of ticket private and public comments. Assign administrator responsible for the ticket.

Client Portal

  • UCRM provides a service portal for your customers to access directly.
  • Clients are enabled to view their active services or invoices
  • They can pay online or setup a recurring payment subscription using their credit card or a payment gateway account.

Translations & Customizations

  • UCRM has been translated into several languages thanks to the great support of our Community
  • Additionally, many customizations are enabled, such as fully editable invoice templates, client's emails or notifications.
  • We continue our development to ensure a smooth and easy usage for UCRM world-wide.


  • UCRM provides basic accounting reports including tax report.
  • FCC form 477 data generator
  • UCRM is based on Postgres database allowing you to easily backup and restore as needed. (automatic backup enabled by default).


  • UCRM provides API to import or retrieve your data.
  • API also enables you to manage shaping or suspending devices from other vendors.
  • For more details go to API documentation.

2017 Roadmap for New UCRM Features

UCRM Version
Contact Management Robust client contact management with specified purpose such as billing or promotions.
Translations UCRM translated into several languages.
Invoice Templates Define your custom template which suits you most.
Service Management Reactivation, deferred changes, better suspensions and late fees.
FCC Reporting CSV exports feature for generating FCC reports.
Tax Inclusive Pricing Mode Prices of services or products can be set up with tax included.
Automatic HTTPS Automatic HTTPS setup using Let's Encrypt.
Documents Module Upload any client's document, PDF or picture.
Customizations Custom client attributes and notifications.
Scheduling Module Jobs scheduling module with Google Calendar synchronization.
Ticketing Ticketing module for managing client's requests.
In-app Upgrade Easy one-click UCRM upgrade.
Messaging module Mass messaging system for sending emails to a subset of WISP's clients.
Payment Processors Further integrations of requested payment processors.
UMobile UCRM Mobile application.
Improvements Improvements and extensions to the current features requested by the community.
UNMS Extended network management and monitoring through the UNMS integration.
Service Quotes Service Quotes module with its workflow monitoring.  
Customer Leads Customer Leads module with its workflow monitoring.  
Inventory Hardware inventory module.  

Next In Our Scope

More features will be added as we continue to develop this tool to make your business easy to run and grow.

  • Client Zone Self Service
  • VoIP Support
  • Usage Based Billing
  • Accounting Software Integrations
  • UCRM Cloud Version
  • External connectivity and API improvements

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System*: Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 8.4+
CPU: 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk: 16 GB available disk space

* Windows and macOS not supported, use VM instead.

Official cloud solution is not yet provided.
But UCRM can be hosted on a cloud of your own with some limitations.

For questions and information, visit our Community.